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The ALPCA Colonial Region Team


Alan Young, #6954


I’ve been a license plate collector since I was a child in the 1970s. It was humble beginnings with plates acquired from relatives and neighbors and nailed all over my tree house fort in the town of Pepperell, Mass. where I grew up. By the early 1990s, I began to collect porcelain license plates, encouraged by my father, Peter Young, ALPCA #5754, who had an eye for their beauty as well. I joined ALPCA c. 1994, and focused on collecting and selling early and oddball plates with a focus on New England jurisdictions. By 2009, at the suggestion of the late Dave Kuehn, ALPCA #1953, I took on the role of Display Awards Manager for the Colonial Region, and in 2014 I became one of three Colonial Region Directors, working as a team to continue to develop meets with great member experience. ALPCA and friendships with my fellow ALPCA members have become a cornerstone in my life!

Bob Senatro, #4962


I've been an ALPCA member for four decades and live a few miles from two of the Colonial Region's founding members' homestead in Stafford Springs, CT. Managing the Donation Auction and sharing the duties of the Regional Directors are the responsibilities I've taken on in support of the Region. Working with the entire regional team, the volunteers that help out during meets, and the membership in general is a satisfying and rewarding experience, and my pleasure.

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Joe Pugliese, #11934


Practically all of my childhood memories revolve around cars, and what do you find on cars? Plates! After acquiring every car and miniature plate from the Matchbox Across America series in 2002, I would memorize the plate numbers of relatives and neighbors, make paper plates for my larger diecast cars, and eventually start my collection of real plates at the age of 6; my dad gave me some plates from the garage, and my mom put a tremendous amount of trust in me to use her eBay account. I joined ALPCA c. 2014 after Jim Moini, ALPCA #6215, was featured in the local newspaper when NJ plates went flat. I was only a plate spotter for years, but joining Facebook in 2020 changed everything. Since then, I've made lifelong friends, acquired over 3,500 plates, and become an advocate for getting young collectors more involved in our hobby. My primary collecting focuses are low numbers, political, military plates with provenance, vanities, and anything with "PUG" or "249"!

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Chris Cooper, #4723


I have been collecting license plates and been a member of ALPCA since I was 9 years old in 1986. I was inspired by a neighbor who had a 50-state run hanging in his garage, an article in National Geographic World magazine about a young plate collector, and a used copy of Thomson Murray’s “The License Plate Book.” From that early date, license plates were a family activity. We would try to spot one plate from every state while on vacation, and would travel as a family to regional and occasionally to national meets. I began by trying to collect one plate per state, and any other plates that I found of interest. Over time my collecting interests became more focused on New Hampshire type runs and any unusual plates from the Granite State. I have worked to build my expertise in that area, and serve the ALPCA parent club as one of the editors of the ALPCA Archives for New Hampshire. I served as a member of the ALPCA parent club Board of Directors from 2007 to 2009, and have been a member of the Colonial Region Board since 2021. I have enjoyed the Colonial Region’s meets for over three decades and am happy to give back to the region with my fellow Directors as we work to provide the best experience possible for our members.

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Bob D'Amico, #3745


I grew up on Long Island and started collecting plates in 1973 when New York was changing from the orange on blue plates to the blue on orange plates. I had a paper route at the time and took note of when my customer’s blue plates were to expire and offered up switching to the new orange ones – if they gave me their old ones. That worked and I still have many of those sets today! Later, I discovered ALPCA and joined over 40 years ago and have been a happy member since. In the early 1990’s, I relocated to Connecticut for work. Those close to me know that my areas of plate interest are “ELVIS” plates (which is registered to me on the Classic Vehicle base in Conn.), plates from the mid-1950’s to early 1960’s, and also World’s Fair plates. I also have a passion for classic cars; I belong to several local and national Clubs and I have been trained to judge these. I was also a driver for the Barrett-Jackson auction house. The classic car hobby offers a plethora of antique plates that never disappoints! A few years ago, I offered up to manage the event registration process for the Colonial Region and I couldn’t be happier giving back to the Club and to the Colonial region, working with the outstanding and collaborative team we have here!

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